Why End UK Hunger Report- November 2019

The Why End UK Hunger report can be found by clicking this link-Why-End-UK-Hunger
In 2018, End Hunger UK’s report Step Up to the Plate called for comprehensive government thinking on responding to hunger in the UK. Household food insecurity is now being measured in the UK – but comprehensive policy responses are still lacking.
Our new report Why End UK Hunger?, published in November 2019, emphasises again why action is so urgently needed.
End Hunger partners Church Action on Poverty worked with the University of Sheffield, King’s College London and ENUF to produce the report. Edited by leading food poverty experts Dr Hannah Lambie-Mumford and Dr Rachel Loopstra, Why End UK Hunger? newly brings together leading thinkers to make renewed arguments for why it is so important to address the root causes of hunger on the basis of seven key ‘cases’:
the moral case;
the child’s case;
the health case;
the secure income case;
the human rights case;
the political case;
and the public opinion case.