The Seasons – Music Project for St Mary and St Nicholas Church Littlemore 2018-19

For the last three years the music project at St Mary and St Nicholas has used a particular subject as a focus for drawing together the local community in creative sharing. The subject is there to encourage all to share perceptions, ideas, artefacts, songs, dances or whatever form of expression people choose to use.

This year (September 2018- June 2019)  we are focusing on the changing seasons and this calendrical theme will reflect the way Littlemore transforms every year and how the community perceives this.

Contributions are invited from all and these will be shared through concerts and displays at the church and where possible they will be meshed together into a cohesive work that reflects our area. This will be performed in a special afternoon concert on June 30th at St Mary and St Nicholas Church and repeated a week later in the Cowley Carnival.

As a starting point for the project we will be using a series of seasons songs composed by local singer and natural voice practitioner Liz Hodgson which have been written to engage singers of all abilities All are welcome to  join in singing or other music making. In addition songs have been written with children from the John Henry Newman Academy and some regular contributors have already prepared poems and songs and art work for the project. Dance for the project is being initiated by Lizzy Spight who is organising a new community dance group in Littlemore as well as creating responses to some of the work.

We invite all who are interested to submit poems, sketches, drawings, paintings, seasonal foods and recipes, songs, stories, photos, choreographies, steps, hoofings  or anything that reflects the way the area we are in transforms over the year and how that transformation is itself being transformed by human negligence (an issue  that the children involved have been particularly aware of). If you have anything to share, if you want to join in or if you have a group that would like to participate please get in touch.


Malcolm Atkins :  Musician in Residence St Mary and St Nicholas Church

01865 721564