Archdeacons’ Articles of Enquiry 2019


Information for the completion of the Archdeacons’ Articles of Enquiry for 2019.


It is time to complete the Archdeacons’ Articles of Enquiry, Articles which Church Wardens are required to complete by law. As last year, the questions for this year’s Articles have been added to the Parish Returns System, which is run and supported by the national Church of England Statistics Unit.


The Articles of Enquiry are a set of questions which give you the opportunity to help us as Archdeacons to form a picture of how things are in our parishes, and what support the diocese may be able to offer. For example, as a result of previous responses to the Articles, we have been able to set up a pilot project to help fund energy audits for churches and we hope this will develop in the coming year to be available to all churches. Last year we asked about awareness of clergy wellbeing and have been able to launch a new resource called “Flourishing in Ministry” which is already proving beneficial. This year one of the aspects of parish life we would like to hear about are the links you have with schools in your parish(es). Your responses will be shared with the school’s team and will help to inform the way in which we serve schools in our communities.


We would value your input to this year’s questions, and we encourage you to work with your fellow wardens (and deputies), your clergy, and key lay people (e.g. PCC Secretary, Safeguarding Officer, Treasurer, Parish Administrator…) in finding the information and providing the answers. A copy of the questions is attached to this email and is also available to download from the Parish Returns System (it can be found on the Articles of Enquiry part of the ‘Enter Your Data’ page). You can use this to gather and record your answers. We cannot accept paper returns, so please do not send these to us or to the national Parish Returns team.


When you have collected the information needed to answer the questions, log on to the Parish Returns System, and to your church, you will see the usual Statistics for Mission and the Finance Return, but you will also see the Articles of Enquiry. If you do not already have a log on username and password, please contact the Diocesan Parish Returns Team who will help you to register. If you have a parish administrator or other person who has access to the system, you may like to ask them to help or enter the information on your behalf (though it remains your responsibility to provide the information).


Please remember that your parish will still need to complete the Finance Returns and the Statistics for Mission in the usual way, in addition to you completing the Articles of Enquiry.


Only one Church Warden per parish needs to submit the answers to the Articles of Enquiry into the Parish Returns System, but please collaborate with your fellow warden and decide which of you will do this.


Only one set of questions need to be answered per parish. If your parish has more than one church and there are different answers to some questions for some of the churches in your parish, please use the comment boxes as needed.


The deadline for completion of the Articles of Enquiry is 29th March 2019. This is to enable us to receive your replies before Easter and to prepare and analyse the results in time for the Visitation Services at Christ Church on 14th May.


Thank you for all your help and every blessing for the coming year.

The Venerable Martin Gorick, Archdeacon of OxfordFinal Articles of Enquiry 2018